So, you want to get into social media?

I've been asked more than once recently "How did you get into social media - because I want to." If you're a wannabe (see right), my topline answer would just be "Do it". I mean, it's all out there, most of it's free, accessible and ubiquitous by definition. But that would be rude. So, off … Continue reading So, you want to get into social media?

“You have control” – “I have control”

It's fascinating helping people get into blogging. It's like teaching them to fly, given that you've been doing it for a while and you've got your dorsal tail feather control down and everything, but they're still a bit ungainly and fluffy and, without guidance, would not fly so much as plummet. I stumbled into it … Continue reading “You have control” – “I have control”