#NewsSonnet 2: KKK, Rochester, NoTW, Brains

News sonnets: current affairs in three  iambic pentameter quatrains of alternating rhyme and a couplet. The KKK has been Anonymized Their concealment, by the masked, unconcealed. So will disguise be, by the disguised Unmasked? The pointed, burning truth revealed? Andy Coulson served all five months, is freed. Hang on. Eighteen into five doesn't go. Rebekaaaaaaaaah … Continue reading #NewsSonnet 2: KKK, Rochester, NoTW, Brains

Praise be, my subscriptions have fallen

Running a blog about social media and PR is a piece of pie. Just start it up and make the right noises, eventually you wind up with several hundred subscribers. Same with Twitter. What is everyone talking about on Twitter? Mostly social media, it seems to me. So it's with a sense of satisfaction that … Continue reading Praise be, my subscriptions have fallen