Quite simply, some charts that may be of interest. For example, note how Apple is supplanting Microsoft in search volume; that PR may be peeling upwards away from advertising and even marketing; the relative fortunes of Google+, Facebook and Twitter; social media may be levelling off; and, especially heartwarming for me, Star Wars is much … Continue reading Trends

The Friendly Chat: Tom Murphy

Tom Murphy has been working in both agency and in-house PR roles across North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America since 1991 and is currently responsible for Public Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility for Microsoft in Ireland. Prior to joining Microsoft in August 2005, Tom was director of corporate communications for Cape Clear Software and … Continue reading The Friendly Chat: Tom Murphy

For the first time ever people think ‘Apple’ more than ‘Microsoft’

For the first time ever, in the UK, people are seeking more information about Apple than Microsoft, and it looks like the world is about to follow. A couple of weeks back I posted my findings after playing around with Google Trends. One of these was, to me, astonishing: when plotting Apple vs Microsoft, the Google Trends chart search … Continue reading For the first time ever people think ‘Apple’ more than ‘Microsoft’