Skoda, nepotism, and cheese

From the hurly-burly of the media come three noteworthy stories. Firstly, Skoda, purveyor of one-time jokes on four wheels. "What do you call a skip with a roof?" "A Skoda". Over the past ten years they've made a remarkable three-point turn, becoming the badge of choice for cunning consumers who know they're essentially getting a VW but … Continue reading Skoda, nepotism, and cheese

David Cameron could be The Real Thing

This morning I was walking to work through Bayswater listening to Today on my mobile phone's radio (a very neat little Sony Ericsson K750, well worth investigating btw). They were discussing David Cameron's potentially risky strategy of placing himself at the forefront of the environmental issue. Suddenly, who should cycle past me but the man himself, complete … Continue reading David Cameron could be The Real Thing