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The Science of ReTweets

via Retweets is often overlooked as a measure of influence. When someone retweets you, it's because they found what you said interesting enough to forward it to their followers. They're endorsing you as an influential person. So, count the retweets, and you get a measure of influence. Although I try my hardest not to … Continue reading The Science of ReTweets

Who are: @frosty_snow, @geoff_bronson, @gavin_henderson, @peter_bently?

This morning I took a quick look at what people were saying on the UK Election Social Media Dashboard. I noticed a few spikes on Twitter for George Osborne. This was strange. Osborne hasn't figured particularly highly so far, and when he has, it's been associated with spikes for his contemporaries Darling and Cable. So … Continue reading Who are: @frosty_snow, @geoff_bronson, @gavin_henderson, @peter_bently?

The UK Election Headline Game: what do you think it’ll be tomorrow then?

The other day I was going through the UK Election Social Media Dashboard and suddenly noticed, in large letters, the word 'nauseating' next to Vince Cable's tweet cloud. It's not every day you see a politician using a four-syllable adjective so I clicked and found out, well, you probably know by now, that he considers … Continue reading The UK Election Headline Game: what do you think it’ll be tomorrow then?