Gotta love cloud storage

I've never lost any data. Ever. Actually, I tell a lie. I once lost ALL my data. I was recklessly drinking some Becks beer while doing some file management and somehow managed to delete everything from a drive that didn't have the trash can activated. Thirty rather desperate (and suddenly sober) minutes later, I'd downloaded … Continue reading Gotta love cloud storage

2011 social media predictions

So while I have my blogging head on - hot off the news that Delicious is disappearing and Facebook has undergone yet another redesign - I thought I'd jot down my thoughts on the state of the social media nation for the coming year. It's not all good. Here we go... Confidence will go down … Continue reading 2011 social media predictions

Good grief, I’m one of the smartest people in social media!

This is according to Smarter Social Media. They've been through lots of people and apparently I'm one of the top 100. I find this astonishing, particularly as I've pretty much stopped blogging recently. As is often the case, they've been a bit coy about their criteria. Is it bean-counting? Is it ubiquity? Or do they … Continue reading Good grief, I’m one of the smartest people in social media!