Five cool ways to find people on Twitter

This post is probably going to get lost in the Twitter noise - and, judging by my declining stats, hardly anyone reads this blog anyway - but I still find it useful to share knowledge occasionally, not least because every day I don't post I suffer guilt. I've recently been looking around Twitter a lot, … Continue reading Five cool ways to find people on Twitter

Who are: @frosty_snow, @geoff_bronson, @gavin_henderson, @peter_bently?

This morning I took a quick look at what people were saying on the UK Election Social Media Dashboard. I noticed a few spikes on Twitter for George Osborne. This was strange. Osborne hasn't figured particularly highly so far, and when he has, it's been associated with spikes for his contemporaries Darling and Cable. So … Continue reading Who are: @frosty_snow, @geoff_bronson, @gavin_henderson, @peter_bently?