Who’s Using Google +? / Flowtown (@flowtown)

Nice infographic from Flowtown here.

Google+ is a strange beast. On the one hand, I see it every day because my home page is set to Google, and I’m always logged in, so I see it whenever I fire up my browser. So, you could say it’s won the homepage war, mainly because it’s been around longer than Facebook (and because I want to search for things quickly rather than wait for Facebook to fire up).

On the other hand, apart from playing around with it a bit, there is VERY little activity there. Flowtown shows that only 17% of users are active, and while I don’t have comparable figures for Twitter or Facebook, it doesn’t sound that great to me.

And while Facebook is a true platform, in that people can build their own apps and deliver them to this richly connected environment, Google+ resolutely is not. Everyone is helping Facebook to grow, while only Google is growing Google+.

As is often the case, only time will tell. I recently came across a study I did from a couple of years back in which ‘some’ of the brands were on Twitter. Today, they all are. So perhaps this will happen with Google+. In the meantime, Flowtown tells us that 61% of the top 100 brands have Google+ pages. Maybe B2B is where Google can establish a social media foothold. But going head-to-head with Facebook could be picking a fight it cannot win..