What’s the ROI of “Merry Christmas?”: Measuring the Effectiveness of Holiday Cards – The Measurement Standard: Blog Edition

As I deleted my 100th electronic Christmas card, all I felt was annoyance — rather than merry or joyous or whatever it was supposed to make me feel. A good 50% of these mostly cold and soulless emails were from PR firms I’d never heard of. I assume they got my name from Klout or Cision or Vocus or any of the other list peddlers that bring as much joy and relevance to the season as Jacob Marley did. Which got me thinking…

Does anyone measure the effectiveness of these silly things?

KD Paine – ‘The Queen of Measurement’ – writes a lovely piece about ROI.

I wish I had her brain. She’s so good at picking out the important bits, putting them together in interesting ways, and showing real value. And I have a sneaking suspicion that, when she tells us that her clients often say “I’ve been meaning to get in touch…” on receipt of her cards, it’s more to do with her being damned good at what she does than the beauty of the cards. She could probably send a blank sheet of paper through and get a similar response. Now *that* would be an even higher ROI!

Anyway, one other point to mention is that I sometimes get guilt when I use snippets of other people’s posts on my blog. I know I’m giving them free publicity, plus a link, but part of me feels I should comment on their post instead. So, why don’t you jump across to Katie’s blog for me, read what she has to say, and respond?