If Your Team Hates Blogging, You Need A New Team

My friend Steve Farnsworth recently shared a link to some tips from Matt Ceniceros at Applied Materials about how to encourage blog posts from team members who hate blogging.

Something about that concept got me thinking. It wasn’t encouraging team members to blog, as that’s critical for all organizations seeking to embrace the notion that every company is a media company. It was the point about team members who “hate blogging.”

They don’t really hate blogging. They hate their job: and that’s a problem beyond the fact that you can’t get them to blog.

Love this.

One thing I never really ‘got’ about social media, and blogging in particular, was why other people didn’t really want to do it. I think this post has given me at least part of the answer: it’s because they don’t really like their jobs!

It’s a broad brush and a hard line (are these mixed metaphors?) but I like it. It accounts for why I so seldom see comms people who actually read the papers, or read business publications, or listen to podcasts, or actually do anything outside of their immediate work that is even slightly work-related.

The way I’ve approached this topic before has been “Your job just changed. Tough.” But from now on, I might change it to “You don’t like your job. Tough.”

Anyway, hop on over to thefuturebuzz.com for the full piece…