YouTube Founders Aim to Revamp Delicious


These are your new social media pin-ups. They’re the guys who are going to save Delicious – by quite some way the most powerful, effective and yet simple way of sharing content online. It was also by quite some way the largest, but the dolts at Yahoo couldn’t figure out what to do with it or how to make money from it. I’m really really really hoping Steve Chen and Chad Hurley establish a model that does this and yet remains as powerful through its simplicity. Time will tell. But in the meantime, go and read this interview which gives their take on how they want to move forward with Delicious…

8 thoughts on “YouTube Founders Aim to Revamp Delicious

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  2. I hope you’re wrong!

    I’m not sure it’s as much of a cash cow as you say. If it were, surely Yahoo would have retained it?

    The most important ‘missing’ part of Delicious is its community aspect. I have a Delicious community but I never interact with it and cannot even remember how I created it, or who’s in it. I recall reading something about why Delicious didn’t have this, and it was along the lines of wanting to keep it clean, without all the overheads – and potential noise – that a community dynamic would introduce.

    But without that, it’s difficult to monetise. I think this is why Twitter is still not making any. Essentially, Twitter is more a news feed than anything, which is hidden behind clients. That’s why I believe Twitter bought Tweetdeck, so it has on-screen real estate that it can start using to attract advertising revenue.

    Same with Delicious. It’s incredibly useful but does kind of chug away in the background without any real on-screen activity. I think this is what Avos needs to address – and I really do hope that, in doing so, they manage to keep Delicious as clean and useful today as it has always been.

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