I was Google’s 59th employee and first marketing director. Ask me anything.

Larry and Sergey really believe they can transform the world with technology that makes things work better, beginning with a better way to find information when you need it. That information is not restricted to text found on web pages. I believe they won’t be satisfied until everyone has a brain implant that augments their sensory perception of the world with a constant stream of relevant data instantaneously delivered. The Google you see today is a technology still in its infancy.

I’ve been tempted to buy this book and found this interesting Q&A page with the author’s responses. In particular I find this passage illuminating because I’m often confronted with quite sneering attitudes towards social media, particularly the 140-character limit of Twitter. My response nowadays is to say that, well, it might not be exactly what you want right here right now, but then the telephone, radio and television were all probably also fairly naff when they started out. Books were the new-fangled technology once upon a time. So I like that this describes Google today as a technology still in its infancy. I’m not wholly certain that we’ll all have brain implants some day, but certainly Google and other technologies such as social media are only just at the beginning and one day we’ll realise it started here. Or there.

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