8 email statistics to use at parties

Any self-respecting marketing channel is incomplete without a set of cool numbers to go with it: numbers you can print on a t-shirt and impress your friends with (if you have the right sort of friends).

Social media has them. Now it’s email’s turn…

Email. We often forget it. I just did some email jiggery-pokery and started looking for stats on email. It turns out that it’s pretty hard to figure who is where in the scheme of things, as http://www.email-marketing-reports.com/metrics/email-statistics.htm points out. But I came across this page and really, it makes you realise that email dwarfs social media in terms of numbers. If numbers is what it’s really about, then email is way ahead.

I particularly like this one: In the time it takes you to read this sentence, some 20 million emails entered cyberspace. Wow.

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