Complete Brand Marketing on Facebook | Involver

    Free & Basic Applications

  • RSS Feed

    Simply give us your RSS Feed and Involver syndicates your posts onto the News tab on your Facebook Page. Involver Pro users can syndicate these posts into status updates, along with other benefits.

  • Twitter

    Use Twitter to communicate with followers AND Facebook fans. Involver Pro users get faster refresh times, the ability to twitter to update their facebook page status, and other benefits.

  • YouTube Channel

    Paste your YouTube content to your Facebook Page instantly, no more worrying about re-uploading tons of videos! Involver Pro users can repost unlimited videos, along with other benefits.

  • Don’t want to upload images one by one? This app allows you to auto-syndicate your latest Flickr photos and photosets right to your Facebook Page.

This is really quite good. For me, it’s always been a frustration that I couldn’t integrate YouTube, Twitter etc into Facebook. No doubt Facebook stopped me doing that on purpose but since it’s starting to open up, it looks like clever companies such as Involver are figuring out ways to do this. So, host your videos on YouTube and your images on Flickr, but make them available on Facebook. Voila – you just increased your chances of being found by distributing your content across three platforms rather than keeping them on just one. Nice.

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