Twitter is releasing a real time analytics solution in Q4 « Official Webtrends Company Blog

I’m a big fan of analytics. I cannot get enough of them. This is why I’m also a big fan of Netvibes because it enables me to bring together feeds and analytics in one place.

So I’m jumping up and down like an excited child at the prospect of Twitter producing a dashboard.

There are already decent Twitter dashboards out there. My favourite is Klout because it gives you figures without necessarily ‘an index’. I don’t like indexes because I don’t understand the calculations behind them. How can you compare, say, Barack Obama with millions of followers, with someone who only has a few thousand?

I digress. I’m looking forward to the Twitter development but I still think there’s scope for someone, somewhere, to totally blow everyone else out of the water with a real social media analytics dashboard. In fact, I’ve been saying this for years now.

The closest I can see right now is SocialMention whic has some quite nice features. Only problem with SocialMention is that it doesn’t really present itself as a dashboard, or offer customisation options. Oh, and it’s slow. Really really slow. And its phrasal search doesn’t work properly. Apart from that, it’s perfect.

My bet is on Google. I have a theory that Google like to cut off market avenues by offering something that is better than any other offering and making it free. Google Analytics is just one example. So, extend the Analytics concept to cover social media, and you’re off. I await the day.

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