Tippex and bears. Who’d have thought, eh?

The Tippex Bear YouTube channel is brilliant.

I can’t remember how I came across it yesterday. I did notice something ‘strange’ about the YouTube page but thought it was just because it would be a custom-built page. When the guy reached out of the video, I nearly freaked. And then, the pièce de résistance, the ability to type in your own choices and see the video response. Amazing.

I really like this for several reasons:

  • It’s utterly viral. That is, it’s video – which often works because it’s a rich experience that people can easily share through just one link – it’s funny, it’s clever, and it’s pretty cool. I’ve written about viral before what makes a good viral, and what is not viral. However, it also enables you to participate, which makes it almost totally viral in that you can change it, play with it, then pass it on. The closest I’ve seen to this is the Obama ‘What happens if you don’t vote’ video which I still love, but I wonder whether the Tippex viral tops it?
  • It’s joined-up. I guess the insight behind it is that you can make small changes that have a big impact. This is good, much better than ‘You can erase things and change them with Tippex.’ And so they go from the insight to the execution. I mean, who’d have thought about bears? Creativity abounds.
  • It has long legs. There’s huge scope for this to go on and on. Personally I’d like to see them invite people to create their own small videos for the terms that aren’t there. For example, I notice they don’t include ‘Tweets a bear’ which is probably quite a big miss. So, invite people to submit their own, and you get the audiences not just engaged, but activated.

I just wish I could have worked on this one. It must have been so exciting to come up with an idea you knew would work, then make it happen, and to take the client along with you. Whoever is behind this must be feeling pretty good about themselves today.

And I’ve noticed that it’s slow to load now. This is because it’s everywhere. How much more viral can you get? Let’s see how it pans out shall we? The chart below shows trends data for searches on the term ‘Tippex’. Let’s see if it starts to go up on the back of this.

Anyway, as the guy keeps saying to me: “Come on! Write something up there!” Top tip: give ‘tickles’ a go. It’s cute.

5 thoughts on “Tippex and bears. Who’d have thought, eh?

  1. Interestingly, I just read a comment on another site mentioning the total lack of link to the Tippex site from the YouTube channel. Given that they’ve done such a great job of the piece, I can only assume this is on purpose – but, surely, one link wouldn’t have hurt? Strange one that. Any insights welcome.

  2. Hey Brendan, long time… (Simon, via De Leon).

    I think this tippex viral is brilliant – but to be honest, I can’t for the life of me remember when I last used “liquid paper” as we used to call it. I’m all for recycling but If I make a typo on a formal document (those are the only ones I print) I reprint that page.

    So… Outstanding Viral, but the end result will be the same.

    Unless… Tippex come up with an application/plugin that somehow takes their product from analogue to digital! Maybe some kind of hard drive eraser that lets users delete things never to be seen again.

  3. Hi Simon,

    Well that’s another part of this equation isn’t it? I guess it’s entirely possible that they’re just introducing us to the concept of ‘rewrite’ before launching something new because yes, you’re right, liquid paper is most definitely old-hat.

    I’m glad I included the Google Trends chart. As you can see, it’s all on the up but then again that’s against a backdrop of very little. So Tippex is getting great publicity from this right now, but what that will translate into, we don’t know. I’m hoping whoever is managing the comms for Tippex has some idea!

    Btw, I should add that I’m not a viral nutcase. I think on the whole that a) if we were good enough then everything we do would be ‘viral’ and b) it’s an effect, not a strategy. But there are things you can do to encourage viral spread and Radio 4 demonstrated exactly how not to do it as I discussed in my post. Generally I’m a sceptic where viral is concerned so as you say, let’s see whether the result will be ‘the same’ ie very little, or a lasting engagement online with a new, or rebranded, or repositioned product.

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