Business partners tell IBM they want social media education – DMNews

Nearly three-quarters (74%) of IBM’s business partners told the company they realize the number of social media outlets is growing, precipitating the need for them to increase their educational scope in that area.

The companies told IBM they are seeking training on specific social media tools, like RSS, Facebook, Twitter, wikis, videos and setting up networking communities to engage with partners and customers, according to an IBM social media survey.

So, I’m still sealed in my bunker getting through work, but I just spotted this gem courtesy of @wiredprworks. Last year I really did think social media would start to decline but that might have just been my perspective having been ‘in’ social media for a while already. I was wrong, but happily so. This year things really do seem to be taking off. This is anecdotal I know, but I have a lot of people banging on my door for social media of all sorts – consultancy, training, advice – whereas last year it was extremely quiet. And it does seem that my anecdotal evidence is being replicated by just about every curve I see. They’re all up. Everyone wants a piece of it. Including, it seems, most of IBM’s business partners.

One thought on “Business partners tell IBM they want social media education – DMNews

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