TouchGraph | Products: Google Browser

Products: TouchGraph Google Browser

Use this free Java application to explore the connections between related websites.

Try it now! Enter keywords or a URL, and click ‘Graph it!’ See
Getting Started below for more details.

This could be a gloriously irrelevant toy or a hugely useful tool. I’ve only just come across it so I’m not sure. If it works, it could be creating influence maps on the fly for any given topic. I just tried it with ‘social media’ and whereas it mosly listed social media sites (eg YouTube, Twitter etc) it did throw up some interesting results. Definitely worth a look, even if you just want to look at the pretty graphics or impress clients with them in Powerpoint presentations.

One thought on “TouchGraph | Products: Google Browser

  1. Any sort of tool that can help explain the complex networks that have developed within online communities to help comms professionals better educate their clients as to how they can provide a better end product, be it content or other, must be a good thing!

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