5 not-so-easy steps to managing your brand online | VentureBeat

Social media is deceptive. It appears easy, free and yours to own simply for the price of admission and engagement. If this post were to live up to an alternate headline, say the “5 Easy Steps to Managing Your Brand Online,” the list might look a bit like this:

  • Monitor and listen to conversations related to your brand and competitors
  • Start a blog, create a Twitter profile, set up a Facebook brand page and broadcast a YouTube channel
  • Draft social media guidelines
  • Be transparent and authentic
  • Ask questions, introduce polls, curate interesting content and have fun

This is another nice post from Brian Solis. He does cover the really tough stuff, but then he’s good at covering the basics. Not that any of these steps are particularly basic – for example, you need to put in quite a lot of work to monitor effectively (believe me, I know), or to make sure your channels work together in a strategic manner (ditto). Btw, I don’t want to give the impression that I’m stalking Brian – I didn’t even realise he’d written this until I’d decided to share it!

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