Wikisperience – LinkedIn meets Wikipedia?

Wikisperience is dedicated to providing information about companies and organisations of all sizes. It was founded to serve the needs of businesses operating in, or aligned with, the global Internet, Communications and IT industries. Companies operating in other verticals are welcome to contribute information, but they will need to ensure their information and profiles clearly indicate which verticals they operate in. Typical users of Wikisperience information are likely to be your customers, prospects, partners, investors and media.

This is quite an interesting idea – essentially creating a B2B directory using the wiki model, sort of LinkedIn meets Wikipedia. While I doubt it will replace either – or, indeed, a company’s own social media presences – it might provide companies with another outlet. Of course, as with so many of these initiatives, the million dollar question is, how are they going to make money out of it? There are banner ads, but that’s not the greatest model. Let’s see what happens here.

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