Turn an Email Address into a Social Profile. / Flowtown

I just came across this. At first I was cynical – I usually am when presented with ‘the new thing’ because most new things are derivatives of old things – but this is a genuinely good idea. It takes your email contacts list (think marketing lists, outreach lists, sales leads etc) and tells you where the people live online. This is good for several reasons. It makes the most of your email lists; it helps you simply find people online; but, for me, most importantly of all it tells you where those people hang out. I just did a test-drive and it seems most of my email contacts are on Facebook and LinkedIn. Now, I could have guessed that, but this at least confirms what I thought. Surprisingly a fair few are on MySpace, and another fair few are on StumbleUpon. But not Delicious? Perhaps this is a limited demo. But an interesting one nonetheless. Highly recommended for people with years’ worth of email contacts and don’t know where to start with social media. Hint: start here.

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