It’s all swings and roundabouts

... as my grandad used to say. I'll be honest with you: business stank in December, January and February. I don't know what happened. It just disappeared. I spent the time productively, developing my own tools for measuring and monitoring, chasing leads and - heaven forfend - indulging in online advertising, but it was quite … Continue reading It’s all swings and roundabouts

links for 2010-03-11

Edelman Digital: Authentic Digital Engagement Gotta hand it to Edelman - they do know how do this stuff. Nice job. (tags: edelman digital) CoTweet™ - How business does Twitter I stumbled upon this at StumbleUpon! (tags: cotweet twitter) Social Media & Financial Services Workshop Some very nice stats in here, such as how social media … Continue reading links for 2010-03-11