Want to know the truth? I don’t read blogs any more.

It’s true.

I used to love reading blogs. I found them endlessly fascinating. After a while I got to ‘know’ some of the bloggers and understand the community that surrounding PR and social media.

But it recently struck me that I hardly read them any more. It was quite a surprise to get onto Google Reader recently and realise this. I don’t even have Google Reader bookmarked any more. I just don’t bother with it. Occasionally I might see something of interest in my ‘Must Read’ feed, but that’s about it.

So what’s changed? It’s probably a combination of things. I do a lot of online work now and perhaps I just don’t want to stare at a screen any more than I have to each day.

It could be that the novelty’s gone too. It was amazing – actually, for me, life-changing is not an exaggeration – when I wrote my first post, subscribed to my blog on Google Reader, and saw my post come through. I could have been on the other side of the world and still have read it. And I loved that I could read other people who were ‘getting it’ too.

Or maybe everyone has run out of things to say? That’s probably unfair. But I do think the issues around blogging have all been discussed many, many times now and the engagement just isn’t there any more. I hardly get any comments any more. My blog stats have remained pretty much level over the past year. Unless I do something radical, that’s not going to change. So perhaps other people don’t read blogs either any more?

Or is it that the ‘new kids’ on the block really have taken over? Maybe it really is more immersive/rewarding/accessible to tweet several times a day rather than blog once? Or to share thoughts, videos and pictures with friends rather than analysis with peers?

There is still a place for blogging. Organisations can do very well by putting their people out there and presenting a human face, and increasing their search engine attractiveness, day by day, post by post. I’d still argue there’s very little to lose if a company wants to blog, providing they can spare the time to do it.

But… meh. I’m trying to think of a nice way to round this post off. I usually do the thesis, antithesis, synthesis thing and end on a crescendo. But right now, it’s more diminuendo from me I’m afraid.

Posted via email from Brendan Cooper – your friendly social media-savvy freelance copywriter and social media consultant.

3 thoughts on “Want to know the truth? I don’t read blogs any more.

  1. Interesting, Brendan! I’m still addicted to Google Reader, but within a very well defined list of feeds: many of which, I must admit, get posted unread. Still some gems but I am increasingly scanning the rest.

    My blog has never got many readers, so it’s interesting to look at the effect of Twitter and Posterous. Both elicit far more response – seems the snappy one-liners, random images and other stuff I post there is more relevant to the longer but still random stuff I put on my blog.

    The fun of discovering blogs is waning a bit, mind. Maybe I’ve just got too much to read? Maybe I need to cull the old stuff to continue finding the new?

    Or, simply, rely on the Twitter links from those I follow..?


  2. Oh the irony! I post about how I never get comments any more, then someone comments!

    I think you’re right about Twitter and Posterous. There’s much more traffic out there circulating in those little ‘nibbles’ as opposed to the Mars Bars that is a blog.

    As I said, I still think blogs are important. Most companies are just about getting their heads around them now and from the work I’ve been doing recently I can tell you that they do reap rewards.

    I think the problem is that my main interest is in fact social media, and I have a strong feeling we’ve ‘done’ blogging now, the issues have been mulled over, and we’re all moving on. Problem is, we seem to have stalled at Twitter/Posterous. There’s nothing amazing and new coming through the pipe.

    So perhaps I should adopt a new hobby and then I’ll get back into it!

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