Well that didn’t go too well

I'm still experimenting with Posterous. I'm posting to it via email - both GMail and now Thunderbird, a client that I have to use so I can interact with, well, a client - and I just noticed that it came out with really terrible formatting.So, I had to change it wherever it had been posted, … Continue reading Well that didn’t go too well

RSStling with RSS

A few months ago I took stock of what I had to offer versus what I thought the market was going to demand. I had a strong feeling that monitoring was going to become really important, and so I've got to grips with Yahoo Pipes and Netvibes and made these two systems work well for … Continue reading RSStling with RSS

links for 2010-02-10

2008-05-22_ARF_Eng_LaPointe.pdf (application/pdf Object) While I find I can never actually understand other people's presentations, this one is largely lacking in incoherence. (tags: engagement) 35 social media KPIs to help measure engagement | Blog | Econsultancy Great list - now I just need to figure out how to make it work! (tags: engagement) The Caffeinated Blog: … Continue reading links for 2010-02-10

Tweetclouds of the Iraq Inquiry Blair session

The Iraq Inquiry plods on. However, Friday 29th January did provide some interest, as Tony Blair presented his view. As Chilcot made clear, it wasn't a trial, and no one was to be found guilty. However, there was still intense interest around what Blair would say, particularly given his recent interview with Fern Britton in … Continue reading Tweetclouds of the Iraq Inquiry Blair session