Well that didn’t go too well

I'm still experimenting with Posterous. I'm posting to it via email – both GMail and now Thunderbird, a client that I have to use so I can interact with, well, a client – and I just noticed that it came out with really terrible formatting.
So, I had to change it wherever it had been posted, which was on several blogs. This is not good. So I'm now going to see what happens with this post.
I also haven't figured out how to add tags yet, or embed images.
So while Posterous is good functionally, I'm not over the moon about its aesthetic abilities. We'll see. Meanwhile, apologies for all the posts that are being tweeted here there and everywhere. Everyone's got to learn somehow. I just tend to do it by making repeated mistakes.

Posted via email from Brendan Cooper – your friendly social media-savvy freelance copywriter and social media consultant.

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