Well, it’s been an interesting week

First off, I had an ear operation. Nothing major, but given that I'm actually deaf in one ear and the operation was on 'the good ear', it was a little bit worrying. Fortunately all went well and now I can hear a pin drop.

Secondly, a fairly large success professionally. I've been involved with the ITPOES Peak Oil Report – as in, I edited the 26,000 word report, did the online outreach and created dashboards for the results, as the digital associate for Epoch PR. Their remarkable work has seen coverage and interviews on Radio 4 Today, Radio 5 Live, CNN International, Channel 4 and some big pieces in the nationals including the Independent, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph as well as online coverage in the likes of the FT, BBC business etc.

Finally, I realised that Posterous might be An Incredible Thing. I've set up a couple more WordPress blogs, which are effectively duplicates of my brendancooper.com blog, and hopefully this post will go out to all those blogs, as well as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr (I'm not exactly sure how they're going to appear on YouTube and Flickr, but we'll see). So, this is a first: multi-posting out to several platforms in one go. I do hope WordPress don't ban me.

I'm not sure how this is all going to interact with Twitterfeed, so maybe you're going to get annoying multi-notifications. Maybe I'll send the web into an endless loop. Who knows? Main thing is, I can hear properly now, and for a semi-musician, perhaps that's all that matters.

Posted via email from Brendan Cooper – your friendly social media-savvy freelance copywriter and social media consultant.

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