Are Eurostar finally ‘getting it’?

So I just noticed in my Twitter feed that someone called eurostarcomms has asked me to take a look at the Eurostar reaction to the Independent report.

The microsite's pretty good – go and take a look at

Main thing is, however, that on it I notice they have been doing outreach to other people too. This is even better. It implies that they've taken the time to see who talked about them, and are now taking even more time to tell them what they're up to. This is much, much, much better than an organisation that didn't even have its own Twitter ID (which is presumably why they're using eurostarcomms, because 'eurostar' had been hijacked). As a result they get coverage from people like me who like this sort of thing.

A brief recap: all Eurostar's trains stopped working just before Christmas. I posted about it with a dashboard – see – and so I guess that's why they've tweeted me.

A final thought: if Eurostar was to rail travel was T5 was to air travel, what about Toyota? It's probably a bit late to put together a similar 'crisis management' dashboard for the stricken company, but it's shaping up to be the Eurostar – or T5 – of road travel.

And one final final thought: I'm still trying to get Posterous to behave. I am now putting double hard returns between paras to see if it looks any better. And I still don't know how to use tags (someone said I need to put them in brackets in the title?). And Thunderbird posts to the wrong place, so I have to continue using GMail. But GMail doesn't support images. Bum.

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