What are people saying about… Imagination Technologies?

I’ve been tinkering with Yahoo Pipes quite a lot recently, and plugging it into Netvibes. The Pipes interface can be flaky but once you get it set up you can reuse Pipes simply by passing parameters to them without ever having to edit them again. And Netvibes is just gorgeous.

I’ve ‘done’ Eurostar when all their trains stopped working, and, in a pique of joi-de-vivre, Bono when he made fatuous claims about filesharing (click the links to see the dashboards). So this time I thought I’d ‘do’ my ex-employer: Imagination Technologies (IMG for short).

When I worked for them – when they rebranded and I sat next to the talented guy who created the logo you now see before you – they were heavily into graphics technology and were just starting to think about audio. Right now in fact I’m listening to my TV channelled through the DigiTheatre I was given as a leaving present, and I use their Sirocco speakers for my music monitoring system in my studio (I wrote the user guides for both – if anyone wants a signed copy let me know).

Since then they’ve pretty much created the DAB markets in the UK and other European countries, led by my ex-colleague Colin Crawford (and they want to get into the US where there isn’t any DAB – tough) but the big news right now is that rumour has it they might have their chips in the new Apple product. We don’t know what that product is going to be exactly, and I honestly don’t know whether IMG have their chips in it or not, but it’s drawing a lot of attention.

So, let’s look at the dashboard. Click here to see it, or the graphic below.

IMG dashboard. Click image to see the dashboard.

IMG dashboard. Click image to see the dashboard.

First, the setup. IMG is a quoted stock, so there’s a stock widget in there. I used to work for a company that supplied financial info to the city so I sort of know about MACD and stuff. I’m no financial expert and I’m not going to give any advice, but it does look very, well ‘up’, doesn’t it?

Interestingly, a lot of the Twitter talk is about investment too. In fact, I’ve never seen such a parity between Twitter buzz and financial performance. I’ve often thought a system that shows how buzz relates to financial performance would be very interesting. Apply MACD to buzz and you could be onto something.

Blog posts tend to focus on the Apple news, not just the tablet/slate/screen/’thing’, but also iPhone. Some people are looking ahead to iPhone 4. I think this is a vindication of the expertise out there in the blogosphere. Many people are following the news and they know a lot about this subject matter.

Social videos are often nice to look at for this type of thing, especially during events. So it’s no surprise that IMG had some cool coverage off CES recently. But nothing since. IMG could certainly fill this space with their own videos, or collate other people’s videos into their own channel.

And news? Well, one of the latest items is this: Source confirms ARM design is powering the iSlate. That was four days ago. So why no Tweets about this? That’s definitely a conundrum.

So that’s the IMG dashboard. Strategy? Given the overall landscape here I’d say that they could be doing well to reach out to some of their more informed bloggers and get them on board. After all, bloggers love this stuff. They could also be capitalising on social video more, especially as their mobile products look great. And we haven’t even looked at social photo yet, or podcasts…

It would be great to help them crack the US market. Just think – loads of Americans posting about how great they are. IMG’s take on it is that they’re probably doing fine as it is. But you can always do better. That’s the essence of marketing isn’t it? Do just the right amount of work, no more, no less. Find that marketing sweet spot. IMG have it in spades in the real world, but they could map it effectively into the virtual world too.

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