Good grief, I’m one of the smartest people in social media!

This is according to Smarter Social Media.

They’ve been through lots of people and apparently I’m one of the top 100. I find this astonishing, particularly as I’ve pretty much stopped blogging recently.

As is often the case, they’ve been a bit coy about their criteria. Is it bean-counting? Is it ubiquity? Or do they just like my avatar? If so, why did they publish the wrong photo of me?

Nevermind. One thing I do think they’re getting right is listing the people, not the blogs. This was one of the reasons I stopped publishing my PR Friendly Index of blogs. It’s about bloggers, not blogs, and in fact more than that it’s about presences on Twitter, Facebook, and a whole raft of other social media platforms. And across all of them it’s about what they say and how they contribute.

So perhaps people think I’ve contributed, which is nice.

I have to say, after a fairly trying time working in social media I had decided to get completely out of the scene and concentrate on copywriting instead. But I keep getting drawn back into it, so perhaps this is coming at the right time.

In fact, maybe those three prospective clients who all postponed their projects last week might think about starting them up again…? Or perhaps I should take advantage of some slack time and post about how great other people think I am.

5 thoughts on “Good grief, I’m one of the smartest people in social media!

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