links for 2009-12-27

Eurostar’s social media crisis / we are social Having monitored the Eurostar episode, I think Robin puts forward an excellent case for why We Are Social were *spot on* with their advice to Eurostar, and their (unpaid) help throughout the crisis. (tags: wearesocial eurostar crisis crisismanagement)

links for 2009-12-23

Radian6 Sentiment Analysis Review - Does Natural Language Processing Work? | Ignite Social Media Automated sentimenting? I still have a problem with it. So does Brian Friedlander, and he's taken the time to find out why. (tags: brianfriedlander ignitesocialmedia sentimenting monitoring)

links for 2009-12-18

B2B Social Media Objections: Meet Fear, Irrelevance and Overwhelm. - CK's Blog Truly excellent take on B2B objections here. Most of them I think I've used in the past but it's a very neat, clear summary. (tags: b2b ckblog socialmedia objections)

links for 2009-12-12 Very important keynote speech (tags: journalism) a shel of my former self - Google forces the social media issue I've already tweeted this but it's worth bookmarking too - Google may be your one-stop shop for everything now. Time to clue up. (tags: shelholz google socialmedia twitter microblogging facebook socialnetworks)