The PR Friendly Index is no more

After a lot of dithering I’ve decided to shelve the PR Friendly Index.

I learned a lot while putting it together, but I think it’s served its purpose now. I just noticed that it’s attracting a lot of attention today for some reason, and I don’t think it’s good to have something so out of date online any longer.

It was an interesting exercise in bean-counting but I think we’ve all moved on since. We now talk more about influence and change than about numbers; there are many more platforms and channels with which to express yourself, or which a brand can use, so they need to be taken into account too; and blogging seems to me to be declining in importance anyway.

Also it became apparent to me recently that a lot of the blogs on the PR Friendly Index are talking about social media rather than PR now. That in itself is fascinating, and I wonder how this will change over the coming year. But it does sort of make the title a bit of a nonsense, and therefore the whole premise.

Plus, it basically turned into a nightmare to manage. I figured out semi-automated ways of putting it together but just as I got one process nailed, another would break. It was like trying to fit a carpet – push one bit down, another pops up. Plus I would have to enter into correspondence with people who were aggrieved that they weren’t on it, or queried my results.

You can see past versions of the PR Friendly index in previous posts but, if you want a good, regularly updated, reliable listof blogs and bloggers in advertising, marketing and media, go to Todd Andrlik’s Power 150. He’s the one who started this all anyway, so it’s fitting that it all should come back to him.

2 thoughts on “The PR Friendly Index is no more

  1. Fair play Brendan but a big thanks for all your efforts. Those of us who were included always appreciated the amount of work you put into the index.

    Also interesting point you make about the amount of PR blogs that don’t actually talk about PR. Very true. PR Week’s Ptere Hay put out a call for PR blogs on Twitter the other week and then followed it up a few days later saying if you are going to submit your blog then please ensure it has been updated in the past couple of months!

  2. Quite. I never really did understand why more people didn’t blog about the nitty-gritty of PR. I guess it’s because PR people tend to be organisers (in my experience) rather than publishers, and there are probably elements of being pushed for time and difficulty with client confidentiality to consider.

    Still, when everyone’s ‘over’ social media, perhaps we’ll start to see PR blogs picking up again!

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