links for 2009-10-29

GlueText™.com Interesting approach to web aggregation which I haven't come across before. (tags: gluetext) Facebook Pages vs Facebook Groups: What's the Difference? As ever, Mashable settles the debate. (tags: mashable facebook)

Meet Concorde the Tortoise

If you've been following my Twitterfeed recently, you'll know I've welcomed the pattering of tiny feet into my home. Tiny, clawed, scaly feet. Four of them. And a nicely mottled carapace. And a beak. This is because my partner bought me a tortoise for my birthday. A tortoise! I've always wanted one, mainly because they … Continue reading Meet Concorde the Tortoise

Do digital natives think the virtual world is flat?

Does Generation Y understand social media? Two interesting recent conversations: On asking a twentysomething about her take on Twitter: "Oh, it's just for celebrities." On discussing the results of a student exercise on marketing: "Of 10 groups, none of them mentioned social media." It's true that Gen Y are the 'digital natives'. They've grown up … Continue reading Do digital natives think the virtual world is flat?