Once upon a time…

... I was a copywriter. Then I became a social media planner. Then I became a digital PR senior account manager. Then I was a social media strategist. Then I decided to jack it all in and become a copywriter again. Now, I'm finding I'm sort of all of those at the same time. Confusing, … Continue reading Once upon a time…

Will one tweet ever change the world?

Sometimes, you know you're seeing history in the making in a few video frames. Recently, there's been a bit too much of it happening. I watched in awe as the US Senate refused Bush his bailout money - the split-screen showed the politicians' verdict and the resultant stock market crash like a horrendous parody of … Continue reading Will one tweet ever change the world?

links for 2009-09-29

Conversation Agent It's another list, but one worth checking out. Disclosure: I'm not on it. Bum. (tags: twitter conversationagent) Tweetbots - Twitter bots that let you DM-Tweet, Auto-Follow and Feed-Tweet This is either dumb, or pernicious. Or it could be brilliant. I'm undecided. I think. (tags: twitter microblogging)

links for 2009-09-15

AMAZING: Students Build $150 Space Camera [Pics] Sorry, but this really is amazing enough simply to share. It's nothing to do with social media or copywriting. No, it's far more interesting than that! DIY reputation management with Netvibes. This is a very cool post. Actually, it's a very cool-looking blog too. (tags: reputationmanagement monitoring)