Brendan rebrand!

Yes, youre right - its a cow. Click for source »

Yes, you're right - it's a cow. Click image for source.

It’s not quite an anagram, but close. An actual anagram of Brendan is ‘Nanbred’, which isn’t quite a word either, but close.

Main thing is, I’m rebranding. From now on, I am a freelance copywriter, and this blog will morph into something much more relevant to copywriting, albeit with a strong flavour of social media.

The reason? Well, after several episodes of working in social media account management for agencies, I’ve decided to strike out doing what I enjoy doing most, was doing for several years before I took up the social media mantle, and in fact do best anyway: copywriting. So from today, now in fact, I am a freelance copywriter.

Of course, this doesn’t mean I’m shedding my social media skin altogether. I think I still have a lot to offer in the field. But rather than managing everything – strategy, people, money, expectations – for other people, I’m going to be doing it for myself. And I’m going to be writing about it, lots.

So watch out for changes around here. I’m going to be bringing together the worlds of social media and the words of copywriters, in a fairly heady mix that should be quite fizzy, poppy and fun. The Brendan brand is expanding!

Of course, no freelancer worth their salt would pass the opportunity to pitch. So, if you’re on the lookout for high-quality copy that not only leaps off the page but grabs you by the collar and slaps you about the face a bit until you do something about it, then ping me. If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll know what I’m about. It’s tech and social media, but as you’ll see from the samples I’ll be getting online shortly, it’s also about healthcare and corporate, award entries, articles, features, and so on and so forth. Basically, everything that you read, I can write, online or offline.

Finally, a question: I’ve done a lot of soul-searching before coming to this decision, but feedback so far has been (very) positive. People have even said they think I should have taken this step a while ago. But I have one doubt. That is, can I justifiably continue to write about social media if I’m not ‘doing’ it on a daily basis? That is, while I haven’t spontaneously forgotten everything I’ve learned about social media over the past two years, can I still write about it given that I’m not one of the people actually making it happen?

Part of me thinks I can. Political journalists aren’t politicians. They may have been once, which helps with the insights and contacts. Economics correspondents aren’t professional economists, yet they still retain credibility even when appearing on YouTube wearing spacesuits.

What do you think? Comments below and look, there’s even another poll if you can’t be arsed commenting. It’s just a little click.

Anyway, time to wrap this one up. It’s possibly the most important post I’ll ever make because it’s essentially an announcement of professional intent. I was even considering deleting this blog and starting anew – like the Vikings who burned their boats when they landed on foreign shores to illustrate the commitment they were making – but then thought it’s too valuable a resource to end. I’ve had too many good comments and interesting debates here. So it’s here I’ll stay. But as a copywriter.

15 thoughts on “Brendan rebrand!

  1. Congratulations!. Take it from someone who’s made the leap: doing your own thing and having control of your own working life is the BEST decision you’ll ever make. There is plenty of work out there – all it takes is determination, self-belief and strict avoidance of Jeremy Kyle. Good luck!

  2. Thanks! To everyone who’s commented! And I’m very pleased to see the votes on the poll going the way I wanted them to.

    Seriously, since making this announcement I’ve had a flood of emails, Facebook mails and tweets coming in full of positivity, and I’m grateful for each and every one of them. It’s actually quite moving.

    But while I may have the face of a mild-mannered copywriter, I have the heart of a grizzled mercenary. Don’t forget, if you’re just sitting back right now wondering who on earth could just write that award entry/bylined article/feature/ad, well… I could. And if you know anyone else sitting back wondering… well, you get the idea.

    Again, thanks. And @Kate – yes, I’ve been avoiding Richard and Judy too.

  3. As someone once said, never let a complete lack of knowledge stand in the way of forming or expressing an opinion…:)

    Thing is you do have knowledge and experience and now you have something almost as vital – an outside stance, which I think that will add even more depth to your writing.

    Good luck with freelance stuff, hopefully see you at Tuttle in a couple of weeks.

  4. Good luck. Thanks for the link, and keep in mind that paid media can be enhanced with social media and add value. Not a bad thing to have added when it comes time to invoice.

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