links for 2009-03-21

the:viral:factory - a digital marketing and media company And this is where the trail ends. I would love to know more about this viral but the website is even more marketing fluff than the Samsung site. Why cannot these companies see the joins? (tags: viral theviralfactory) Samsung LED TV OK, Samsung totally screws it up. … Continue reading links for 2009-03-21

The PR Friendly Index for March 2009

It's been a very, very, very long time since I last did this. Index below, explanations below that, and I've moved the FAQ to the PR Friendly Index page.   KEY Technorati Authority - unique incoming blog links over the past six months Technorati Inlinks - total incoming blog links over the past six months … Continue reading The PR Friendly Index for March 2009

links for 2009-03-20

Measurement Matters - Twitter for business, Facebook for PR Interesting take on tactics here. (tags: measurement metrica tactics) This is 'Extreme Sheep' :: Milo Yiannopoulos Extreme shepherding. Yes, you read that right. (tags: extremesheep) Top IT Consultants: What is your Twitter strategy? And this is what IT consultants are - or are not - doing … Continue reading links for 2009-03-20

Bookmark, tweet and blog at the same time with only two hands and one head

One issue I keep coming across lately is how to save money using social media. This is a big topic, one that relates to so many others from measuring social media through to monetising it. But every little helps, as they say, and through the miracle of RSS you can make your content work harder … Continue reading Bookmark, tweet and blog at the same time with only two hands and one head

links for 2009-03-19

The A to E Interesting resource. Nice of them to share. (tags: strategy waddington rainier ebook) The Forrester Blog For Interactive Marketing Professionals Great lessons here from someone who actually did something. (tags: forrester digitalhack proctorandgamble) Magic Quadrant for Social Software The social software market continues to be fueled by increasing interest from buyers looking … Continue reading links for 2009-03-19

links for 2009-03-18

A sorry retail - The Banker Banks need good PR, that's right. (tags: socialmedia pr fintech banking banks finance) Rapleaf Business: Press - Statistics on Google's OpenSocial Platform End Users and Facebook Users This may have changed but it's at least a rough indicator (tags: socialnetworks rapleaf statistic demographics) Micro Persuasion: Twitter is Peaking Nice … Continue reading links for 2009-03-18

links for 2009-03-17

Despite Recession, More Than 50% of Marketers Increase Spending on Social Media - ReadWriteWeb Let's hear it for the social media strategists! (tags: strategy forrester readwriteweb) Four Fatal Flaws of Strategic Planning - Harvard Management Update - To get it right, you need to get it right, right? (tags: strategy harvard flaws) Banks and … Continue reading links for 2009-03-17