links for 2009-03-21

  • And this is where the trail ends. I would love to know more about this viral but the website is even more marketing fluff than the Samsung site. Why cannot these companies see the joins?
  • OK, Samsung totally screws it up. There is no link between this page, and the extreme sheep page. Someone, somewhere, has not joined up their thinking.
    (tags: samsung led)
  • OK, now we're talking. Really nice stats alongside the videos.
  • This started as something vaguely ridiculous but I just realised Samsung has bought into it. So now it's something vaguely significant. I'm becoming a bit obsessed of late with what is, and isn't, viral. Beardyman is viral. Kutiman is viral. This is viral – I think. Importantly, this is also, already, attached to a brand, which I did not realise when I first viewed it. I thought at the time that someone, somewhere would snap it up, but didn't appreciate this had already happened. So this is a case study of a viral video which can not only be tracked in terms of trends and searches, but alongside Samsung LED brand fortunes. I'm going to watch this one with extreme interest. To match the Extreme Sheep.

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