So, how *do* you use the web?

Anyone who’s spoken to me or read my blog or seen my bookmarks recently will know I’m becoming a bit of a Groundswell nut, but that’s mainly because the book is awesome and it’s going to help me a lot.

With this in mind, I’ve put together my own tiny little poll (see right) which I’m hoping will give me an insight into how the kinds of people who read this blog use the web, then I can even start working on my own online strategy.Who knows, I might give up the blog altogether and concentrate on Twitter, or Facebook, or Friendfeed. We’ll see.

It’s not hugely scientific. It doesn’t even look that great, but I don’t seem able to control many aspects of poll appearance on WordPress.

Anyhow, if you fancy helping me out, click the activities you think apply to you and cast your vote. You don’t have to though. ‘Sup to you.

5 thoughts on “So, how *do* you use the web?

  1. LOL!

    But I’d insert a parenthesis there: “Mainly use as a professional to help businesses engage with people to make a living.” Which basically probably means I would tick all of the boxes, apart from “I don’t really know”.

    If I could make money for myself directly out of this blog, I would! I need to get it self-hosted first though (one of my plans although it seems fairly complicated and scares me). Then I might make the princely sum of, oh, £1.32 a year from it, perhaps?

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