Tuttle the third

Not from this week, but you get the idea. Click to find out more...

Not from this week, but you get the idea. Click to find out more...

So this was my third Tuttle. By amazing coincidence, my ex-colleague and glamorous PR Week pin-up Mat Morrison (mediaczar) was there too, and by even more amazing coincidence, it was also his Tuttle #3. I happen to know that Mat has a thing about the number three so hopefully he took pleasure from that, in between photo shoots and gala luncheons. James Whatley (Whatleydude) was also there, but then again he is omnipresent so I expected that.

I was actually there to meet up with the (award-winning) journalist Richard Aucock who, like me, was also due to give a talk at an MIPAA seminar on social media but who, again like me, couldn’t make it because of the snow. However we got in touch after the event, one thing led to another, and now we’re engaged to be married – no, sorry, that’s not quite right, let’s do that again – and when Richard mentioned he was interested in getting more into social media, it seemed like a natural thing to invite him along to Tuttle.

I’ve had the pleasure of watching Richard ‘get’ social media. A few weeks ago I told him about Google Reader and RSS. He’d been using iGoogle which is absolutely fine if you get along with it, and in fact I would recommend it as a way to get a handle on RSS but in the familiar surroundings of Google search. But Richard just went bananas when he started to play around with Google Reader.

I understand his reaction: I still remember the moment I received my first blog post back through Google Reader, and realised that I’d sent my words out onto the web and brought them back from it, as could anyone else in the world who wanted to subscribe to my feed. For someone from an online and publications background, it clicked, with a very loud click indeed. More a thunderclap.

Since then Richard has started tweeting and even playing around with Yahoo Pipes, which particularly impressed me because as RSS goes that’s fairly hardcore (not if you’re from a programming background but for mortals, it’s challenging), and I’m seriously considering adopting him as my Sith apprentice.

He’s now pursuing social media from the viewpoint of how it can benefit the motoring industry given that he writes about, well, the motoring industry. Think of an enlightened Jeremy Clarkson – hard, I know, but try, do – and that’s probably where Richard is right now. He’s just starting to realise the potential of social media and I think he could be about to embark on a very interesting journey. A social media road trip, even.

My only regret was that I couldn’t stay any longer but having been out with more digital types the night before I was a bit swimmy in the head. That’s the problem with social media. It’s not the ‘media’ part that damages your health: it’s the social.

6 thoughts on “Tuttle the third

  1. I sure do get it, Brendan! Attending my first Tuttle was an event to be remembered for a good while yet (and not just because of the great coffee). It was the special gathering of like-minded guys I’ve always dreamt of attending, but never thought actually happened. Before today, that is.

    The room was buzzing, everyone was immersed in animated conversation wherever I looked – and, best of all, those who I did say hey to, in my fumbled manner, greeted me with a warmness that flooded through me! Thanks, Whatleydude, Ian D, and others who spoke to the blown-away guy in the stripy shirt.

    Everyone there knows they’re helping bring something special to life. By welcoming newcomers along for the journey, it’s only helping quicken the pace. And I’m so happy to be rolling with it…

  2. Brendan, I’m really glad to hear that you’re still enjoying it, still coming back and even more importantly bringing along new people who love it too. What a hoot!

    I’ll be back from SXSWi next week and hope to see y’all again real soon 🙂

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