Enviro.aero wins!

Just to blow my own trumpet a little, I found out today that a project I was heavily involved with while at Fleishman-Hillard has won a Flight Global Webbie award.

The prize-winning site is called enviro.aero, which is an initiative of the Air Transport Action Group (ATAG). It seeks to redress the balance in the debate over aviation’s impact on the environment, through fact and informed opinion.

The website presents the case for sustainable aviation, but it’s just one part of a joined-up system. The site features the Plane Talking blog where ATAG members give that important human touch through posts that cover everything from personal takes on environmental stories through to events such as summits and test flights. You can jump from the site to the YouTube channel to see more coverage such as a 3-minute journey through the development of flight towards neutral carbon growth.

Enviro.aero is also present on Twitter, both following and being followed by people interested in the debate, ranging from industry employees to travelling public. You can see what enviro.aero is reading on its Delicious page. And a Facebook fan page, entitled ‘supporting a future for green flight’ gives people the chance to vote for what enviro.aero is trying to achieve – in fact, today it just hit 200 fans, a momentum which has been picking up recently.

OK, so it’s not an Oscar, and I can’t put it on the mantlepiece, but it’s still recognition of what enviro.aero is trying to achieve, and I’m very pleased it’s won!

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