links for 2009-02-28

The Periodic Table of the Social Media Elements « eyecube Interesting, lateral thinking here. Not sure how far the metaphor extends but simply as a list of categories, it's nice. (tags: measurement visualisation socialmediaperiodictable)

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Culture, the Great Influencer on Corporate Social Media Adoption Another great post from Jeremiah. And he should be using for his URL crunching. (tags: forblog socialmedia jeremiahowyang culture ibm) Zoomify - Zoomable web images! Very cool way to display data. (tags: forblog visualisation zoomify) Public Relations News, Features, and Analysis - PR Week Well … Continue reading links for 2009-02-27

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Companies that Measure Social Media, Influence, and Brand This is another very nice list of providers (tags: forblog monitoring measurement jeremiahowyang influence sentiment) 2008 July « Proving the Value of Public Relations Really useful list of providers (tags: monitoring onalytica influence collectiveintellect attentio corex compete kaava cic buzzlogic netmap radian6 visible motivequest measuring sentiment) Six … Continue reading links for 2009-02-26

Spotify – another business model on the hoof?

I was very interested to read the recent Guardian coverage of the music streaming service Spotify, especially having been part of the beta programme and written about Spotify quite a while ago and a couple of times since. My initial impressions were very positive. I liked the clean interface and the incredibly quick response times. … Continue reading Spotify – another business model on the hoof?

links for 2009-02-24

Visualizing Social Media Fatigue - ReadWriteWeb Wow. Even if this isn't of any use whatsoever, it looks cool. (tags: forblog visualisation mindmanager andrewshuttleworth joshcatone) MediaRePublicTypologiesDRAFT.pdf (application/pdf Object) What type are you? What type are you dealing with? It's important if you want to tailor your approach properly. (tags: forblog typology media types) The Forrester Blog … Continue reading links for 2009-02-24

Camping it up at Measurement Camp and Tuttling about at Tuttle Club

So this week I've been out and about, specifically to Measurement Camp and Tuttle Club. Camping it up Measurement Camp isn't actually a camp - that is, we don't sit around a fire singing songs nor do we wear feather boas - but it is a seriously useful event that I would urge people to … Continue reading Camping it up at Measurement Camp and Tuttling about at Tuttle Club

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Ongoing list of Social Media Efforts from Banks, Credit Card, Financial Institutions and Lenders How does Jeremiah do it? More to the point, how does he find time to do it? (tags: socialmedia fintech banking banks jeremiahowyang) socialmedia: examples tagged via Delicious Slightly strange sandbox url but interesting results. (tags: socialmedia fintech banking banks) Collaborative … Continue reading links for 2009-02-20