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MediaPost Publications - Ogilvy Offers Social Media Dashboard - 01/09/2009 Well woopy-doo for Ogilvy. I've been doing this for clients for, ooh, what, a year? (tags: forblog socialmedia pr monitoring ogilvy) » Edelman Health Barometer sixtysecondview: Sixty second interviews from pr, media and politics Probably a must-read. I probably must read it. (tags: forblog measurement … Continue reading links for 2009-01-10

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Diagram: How the Air Force Response to Blogs Unlike many diagrams in the world, I actually understand this one. (tags: forblog blogging socialmedia jeremiahowyang) How Bloggers Should Inspire Retweets I haven't really appreciated the value of re-tweets. Jeremiah shows me/you/us. (tags: forblog jeremiahowyang twitter microblogging) Public relations for financial industry crucial during downturn | Media … Continue reading links for 2009-01-07

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2009 PR Predictions: Darwinian Times, Crumbling Silos, and Growing a Pair - PRNewser 2009 is going to be tough, but at least Mediabistro are doing something about it (tags: forblog mediabistro) 10 Ways Twitter Will Change Blog Design in 2009 Tweet futurology. (tags: forblog twitter socialnetworking microblogging tools) 6 Social Search Engines to Start … Continue reading links for 2009-01-06