Online at last. Praise be.

Normally I try to write illuminating posts about the state of social media, but recently this MO has changed because:

1. Since moving house I’ve been struggling with Virgin Media and then BT to get my line sorted. It turned out to be five – yes, five – separate but inter-related issues with my line at BT’s end which meant that whenever one problem was fixed, it triggered off another, a bit like trying to lay a carpet when you push down one end and the other pops up.

2. As a result I’ve been posting whenever I can – not at work, and with difficulty in a local italian cafe – about my problems, more as a personal vent than to help anyone else out. So, very little about social media, but I did manage to introduce a bit of this angle to it, in that Virgin Media did catch onto my posts while BT did not. More on that soon.

3. This continues for this post only because… I’m online. Actually I got online about two hours ago, then moved the router to try and  get a better signal, then it all stopped working. Imagine my frustration. Fortunately I got onto tech support and had a pretty capable guy tell me to plug in the ethernet cable, then he sorted it all out through a Citrix session. What a relief.

So I’m back. I need to go through my recent bookmarks and figure out what to post about – as in, I’ve got so many ideas in my head I need to decide which ones to let off the leash and which to keep in the kennel – then I’ll get cracking.

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