And on… and on…

I notice that Chris Nee has linked up to me with a very nice description but mentions that I’ve been a bit quiet lately.

This is going to continue for another week at least – being quiet, that is. Because I still don’t have broadband. I might even stop being friendly too if it goes on any longer (see right).

You see, I know that somewhere there is a Big Switch. All that needs to happen, for me to get online, is for Virgin Media and BT jointly to flip it. So far all efforts to do this have been thwarted by three faults at the local BT exchange, Virgin Media cancelling my account rather than moving it, and midway through all this my new landlord insisting I change the telephone number, which effectively put me back to square one.

There’s so much I want to write about. I want to wrap up the old year and look ahead to the new. I want to put across quite pointed views about something I read on the BBC last year in which academics think the web is being used for ‘the wrong thing’ (have you ever read anything online by an academic that was of use to you? See, told you I was going to be pointed). I want to tell you about Clay Shirky’s piece in The Guardian today. I want to tell you what I’ve been up to and what I’ll be up to regarding social media.

I want to tell you about my shiny new PC and laptop and how I’m putting together the music studio again (not social media or PR but I get excited just thinking about it).

And of course there are all the other ‘it just occurred to me’ moments that inspire a blog post. Which I can’t post about because I’m not online to post about them most of the time.


Oh well. As I said before you can still follow me on Twitter but it’s not quite the same, now is it?

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