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So a short while becomes a longer while

I’ve just been looking at my sadly declining blog figures. Yes, it is true – if/when you stop blogging, people just forget about you. You really do have to keep momentum up to keep your readership.

So it irks me in the extreme to have to report that I’ll be offline for a while longer. Now that Virgin Media have finally come up with the goods (“no, I didn’t want to cancel my subscription, just move house, no, I didn’t want to lose my blueyonder email account, oh, you’re telling me I have to because it won’t be cable any more, that’s stupid, nevermind, where’s the modem you promised me, ok it finally arrived“) I now discover that my local BT exchange is knackered.

That’s not the official word, of course. I think Virgin Media told me there’s an ‘issue with review date 15/01/09’. In other words, it’s (unofficially) knackered for at least another month. This could be broken equipment, or could be that the exchange has run out of capacity. It could be that they want to move the entire exchange a few inches to the left or paint it purple with green spots for all I care. All I know is that my broadband-related pain continues.

In theory I could get around this in several ways. I could:

  • Post from work. This is naughty, even if I do it in my lunchtime or after hours. It’s also not how I want to work. I like to blog from home, with a cat purring on my lap.
  • Dig out my 56K modem and do it through dial-up. I’m not prepared to go through the pain with so little gain.
  • Post from the local library at £1 per half-hour. It’s not the expense that bothers me, it’s the environment. Libraries scare me. For some reason the almost complete silence makes me convinced someone’s about to stab me in the head.

A thought did just occur to me: I could take the laptop home, work offline on the augmented commute using whatever that offline editor’s called, then upload when I get to work the next morning. Yeah, I could do that I suppose.

Oh well, we’ll see. I’d still much rather use the cat method. Damn you BT. Damn your hides.