Won’t be posting for a short while

So, I’m not only busy at work, I’m also about to be busy at home – because I’m changing homes (translation: moving house).

This means I have to eschew blogging activities and instead cover things in bubblewrap, dismantle wardrobes, pack crockery without breaking any of it whatsoever, and look after two slightly clingy cats throughout.

I’ve also just been reliably informed that the place I’m moving to doesn’t have broadband. I have a strong feeling that it does, just not the full-on kind that allows all the film-on-demand and catch-up TV that I’ve been enjoying for the past few years with Virgin Media nee Blueyonder nee Telewest.

Whatever. I’m too busy to blog and I won’t be able to until/unless my broadband comes back.

Meanwhile I’ll be residing on Twitter throughout they day (who isn’t?) and you never know, I might decide to use Friendfeed or something else too, for a laugh.

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