Holy Roman Empire Batman! It’s the Flackenhacks! Call the cops!

There is an event of unprecented importance coming our way. It is certainly of national significance, global even, and could quite possibly change your life forever. The credit crunch pales by comparison.

None of this applies to the Flackenhacks however, which is just an excuse for a rag-tag assortment of miscreants from the seedy worlds of journalism and PR to drink to excess and insult each other personally.

Watch the video from the last debacle to see what I mean:

As if that wasn’t bad enough, some people actually blag to get in for free. I’m one of them. I’m helping at the front desk for an hour or so, then they let me off the leash and I run around biting people.

So, if you fancy being bitten you could do worse than book your tickets now, then turn up at The Village Underground, 54 Holywell Lane, Shoreditch, London EC2A 3PQ at 7pm, Wednesday 29 October 2008. You can even take a hack of your very own, a bit like a pet, albeit a slightly scabby one that you never really liked anyway.

2 thoughts on “Holy Roman Empire Batman! It’s the Flackenhacks! Call the cops!

  1. Brendan

    * Seedy miscreants? (Actually we thought you lot were rather well-dressed. The ladies especially.)
    * An excuse for drinking to excess? (Actually, our bar manager thought our guests were ever so well-mannered. She said so after the event.)
    * Personal insults? (Well, yes, there was Matt Loney saying something slightly rude about The Register. Coming from possibly the nicest bloke in tech journalism, that was a bit of a treat.)
    * Debacle? (Mmm. Are you speaking in a personal capacity, perhaps?)

  2. I wasn’t there last time around, mainly because I didn’t realise you could blag a free entry. 😉

    I’m sure people looked great and behaved themselves very well. If there’s one thing I know about PR people, it’s that they scrub up well and are generally very polite.

    Debacle was probably too strong a word. How about ‘melee’, or even ‘brouhaha’? Actually there are loads of really good words here: http://thesaurus.reference.com/browse/melee

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