Hello Communications Director!

About a month ago I was contacted for some details about this blog because it might feature in Communications Director.

And today – it’s in! Thanks to an eagle-eyed client spotting it this morning and scanning it for me.

I don’t think you can access it online but if anyone can point me in the right direction to get a link, that would be great.

Meanwhile you can see Communications Director’s contents online and while they do mention the word ‘cooper’, it’s in the context of ‘cooperation’. Perhaps I should adopt that as my own personal active verb? If Scoble ‘izes’, then perhaps I can ‘ate’. Maybe I am the Cooperator to his Scobleizer.

Who’d have thought it, eh? Cripes.

And I think I should also take the opportunity to say that Feedburner is up the duff again. Last night my subscriptions were well over 300, so either I’ve said something sufficiently offensive to cause a third of my subscribers to abandon me, or Feedburner’s gone bad. Given past Feedburner issues, I’d say the latter. Problem is, the Feedburner blog seems to have ground to a halt in May and I can’t find their online status anywhere. So, any pointers in that direction would be really useful too. Not that I can do anything about it…

2 thoughts on “Hello Communications Director!

  1. Congratulations! You appear straight after Stuart Bruce on the first page (that could be a quality judgement, or alphabetical order…).

    I was sent the pages in pdf format by the editor (yes, you’re also among some unprestigious company) and will send you the 1.5 Mb pdf by reply if you can request it to my alternative mailbox: rbailey@pobox.com.

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