Busy busy busy

So, I haven’t posted for ages. This is mainly because I’ve been so busy at Fleishman-Hillard, I really have had very little time for posting. This is obviously a good thing – certainly better than not having enough business coming in – but something always has to ‘give’, and in my case, it’s been the blog.

This was a recurrent theme in my ‘Friendly Chat’ series of blogger interviews a while back. After the initial enthusiasm for blogging, a lot of the bloggers I spoke to said they were finding less and less time to keep the momentum going.

I’m wondering whether there’s an interesting dynamic here. I’ve often thought that there’s a weird feedback loop going on in social media, in that prominent users of social media are only prominent because, well, they use social media.

I’m not sure what the analogy would be here, but I think the opposite thing is happening to bloggers. My experience has been that, having started my own blog and learned as much as I can about social media and its practical uses within PR, I’ve carved out my own niche enough actually to be employed in this capacity. As a result, I don’t have time to continue my blog or play around with social media!

Hence, we see both anecdotal evidence that blogging is declining – I won’t quote any here but you’ll be able to find plenty – together with figures such as my recent analysis of Technorati Authority within PR blogs in the PR Friendly Index. The bloggers are all too busy to blog!

I do believe that the best digital solutions come from a combination of practical, hands-on experience, with some forward-looking analysis. I certainly learn a lot from my Twitter community, my Fleishman-Hillard colleagues and serendipity, but I need to find a way to build in my own time to look forward at what could be on the horizon, and play around with what’s available now.

I also need to make time to blog. The less I post, the more it becomes apparent to me that it’s my number one asset. I was quoted in PR Week recently and it’s only because I spent time and effort on this blog that I’ve been able to establish my profile.

If I don’t maintain it, people will start to point and laugh and all those dreams I’ve had about my teeth falling out or suddenly realising I’m naked on the Tube saying to a lady “Don’t worry madam, this is just a recurrent nightmare in which I wake up when we get to Cockfosters” will come true.

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