Oh, Vienna! One example of good tech, three of (very) bad.

Tech. You really can have enough of it. I spent this weekend ambling around the (surprisingly large) streets of Vienna. My girlfriend had just come out of the tail-end of the Sibos conference so she extended her stay and I flew out on Friday. Oh, the jet-set lifestyle of an international blogger... As I've noted … Continue reading Oh, Vienna! One example of good tech, three of (very) bad.


Gotta love those visualisations

Sometimes things come in twos, threes or even more. This is why I occasionally grab interesting stuff from the web and chuck it into my Google Notes as future collateral for this blog, and then eventually notice I've got enough for a (half) decent post. This time, it's visualisation. Diagrams. Infomatics. Pictures. There have been … Continue reading Gotta love those visualisations