“You have control” – “I have control”

It's fascinating helping people get into blogging. It's like teaching them to fly, given that you've been doing it for a while and you've got your dorsal tail feather control down and everything, but they're still a bit ungainly and fluffy and, without guidance, would not fly so much as plummet. I stumbled into it … Continue reading “You have control” – “I have control”

links for 2008-07-08

louisgray.com: The Importance Of Blog Linking Seems to Be Declining A neat study of where the google juice really comes from nowadays. Answer: not blogs any more. (tags: blogging seo forblog)

links for 2008-07-07

gapingvoid: "cartoons drawn on the back of business cards": more thoughts on social objects Are social objects just 'content'? As in, content brings people together? (tags: marketing geek socialnetworking forblog)

links for 2008-07-04

Micro Persuasion: Friendfeed will Change Journalism, PR and Marketing It's a bold claim but I've played around with Friendfeed and there's something in it. (tags: metrics marketing journalism internet blogs blogging blog friendfeed forblog) Pre-Order Rovio Spy Robot Don't want - need. It will be mine. (tags: robots coolstuff forblog) Marketing 2.0 Seminar - Ronnie … Continue reading links for 2008-07-04